Soviet-Themed, Workers & Resources is the City Builder Tycoon Right Now

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Workers & Resources

Workers & Resources’ comprehensive, in-depth simulation has you start manufacturing asphalt and making cars.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is an engaging, different take on the city-building and administration game that puts you in control of a small Soviet-era republic and its complete economy, well the map is not so tiny it is quite huge to start with. That’s a command economy, too: No currency for you to manage, just goods traveling from place to place. If you want something made, you get the resources and manage your workforce to develop it yourself, or you pay foreigners to come to make it for you, just like in the real world. It turns the normally zoning-and-placement based genre on its head by eliminating the element of private business. Nothing gets done if you don’t tell it to get done. Your people and your nation come first. This is a game that highlights the value of infrastructure like no other city builder.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is made by a small studio called 3Division, it is located in Kosice, Slovakia. The game has the trend and tone of people who actually have lived and experienced in Eastern Europe both during and after the Soviet era. There’s a granular texture of realism to the structures and detailed models of old cars, trains, even construction machinery. The game is expected to be in Early Access for as long as one year and a half, though updates and feature enhancements have come at a steady clip. The latest update adds Trolleybuses, and I surely love them, as well as Steam Workshop support.

You can buy Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Steam for just $24.99, or 30% for $17.49 for the winter sale. If you want to know more head to the official Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic website.


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