Space Survival BREATHEDGE Launch Trailer

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If you love survival games and space, then developers RedRuins Softworks is about to release the awesome new game that was made for you. Currently, in early access on Steam, they have released Breathedge and version 1.0 is going to be released on February 25th. This release will put their game on various PC platforms such as Epic Games, GOG, and Origin as well.

Play as the survivor of the spaceliner crash who finds himself in the heart of a universal conspiracy, all the while fighting the elements in order to find the way home. Collect items, make tools, manufacture vehicles, and more to help you resolve the mystery behind the explosion of the biggest space vessel and all its dark secrets. Smooth navigation through space is not without hazards and risks: combat extreme cold and heat, ever-encroaching radiation, and coffin-robots! But don’t be scared you have an immortal chicken to help you through this.

The trailer that publisher HypeTrain Digital released revealed both the action and humor behind this game. Plus, the good thing about a game that has been in early access is that you can see how it has been reviewed and with a 91% positive review rating is very promising.


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