SpaceX Launched Starlink App, Cost for Satellite Internet Service

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Elon Musk’s super-fast satellite internet experiment is finally in full swing.

The Starlink satellites from SpaceX will begin to unite users to WiFi this week. CNBC reported Tuesday that SpaceX emails about costing for early users.

According to the reports CNBC viewed, Starlink service will cost the users $99 per month. There’s also an installation charge of $499 for a starter kit that comes with the equipment needed to connect — a terminal, tripod, and WiFi router.

A Starlink app from SpaceX is now available for iOS and Android; it gives more information about early access and how to get a connection to the internet system.

The first program is called “Better Than Nothing Beta.” The U.S. and Canada are registered as service areas by the end of the year. Coming to the rest of the world next year.

CNBC also revealed that the emails revealed the expected broadband data speeds from 50 megabits per second to 150 Mb/s with 20 milliseconds to 40 ms latency as the system is built and enhanced.


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