Sparq Whiskey Stones

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Sparq Whiskey Stones

Sustain the temperature of your drink without watering it down. While there are plenty of opinions about the BEST single malt scotch available, there is only one way to serve it up! And that is with Sparq Whiskey Stones.

Can be used as Whiskey Rocks, Wine Stones, or Coffee Stones.

These reusable soapstone cubes chill your fine liquor without diluting the superior tasting notes that make it unique! Got a great bottle of white wine that’s not quite as chilly as you like it? Take one or two of our solid stone cubes out of the freezer and pop them in your wine glass to give that fabulous tasting wine its due without the watery after effects!

No worry about the rocks scratching your top shelf barware either – these cubes have no sharp edges.

Set of 9.

Recycled soapstone from factory excess.

How It Works: Place stones in the freezer for 4 hours; add 3 per drink. Ice rocks hold their temperature out of the freezer for 30 minutes or more. NOT recommended for use in a cocktail shake. Work best in small volume drinks (2-3 ounces).



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