Sparta: The War of Empires: What should players expect?

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Sparta: The War of Empires

Sparta: The War of Empires is a new, Plarium game from the market leading strategy developers. Released in 2D and a classic example of the MMORTS genre done well, it is a strategy game that is suitable for both PC and mobile access. With a compelling narrative, surprising twists and a number of explosive features, it is one of the more interesting titles to hit the MMO market in 2015. 

In basic terms, Sparta: The War of Empires is a free-to-play strategy game with paid subscription options for gamers. Set during a mythical, 5th century Greek world, your character will create and manage an entire city-state that includes innumerable structures and is guarded by a fleet of engaged and carefully trained troops. Your aim should be to battle and strategize your way to success, as you confront the army of Xerxes and his ferocious, relentless troops.

So what are the key elements from a gameplay and strategic perspective? The first is the need to listen to the voice and guidance of King Leonidas, who will help you to hone your skills and motivational talents as a great leader. Also, you will need to create a clear plan that divides and conquers other players, as you carefully select some to partner you and others to compete against. 

There is one more crucial, strategic gameplay element to be wary of, however, and one that may escape you at first glance. While it may appear as though aggression and combat skills are central to the reclamation of Ancient Greece from the evils of the Persian Empire, it is in fact your skills in diplomacy that will prove most effective in the quest to defeat the formidable Xerxes army.

In this respect, the endlessly diplomatic nature of the game is an overriding factor, and one that requires players to exploit, steal and trade war material from allies and rivals. This is why your initial choice of allies is so crucial, as the wrong selection can force you to battle for the majority of crucial items and this can take a significant toll on your army. By forming the most efficient and purposeful diplomatic allegiances, you can driver improved chances of succeeding and toppling even the most blood-thirsty of opposing forces.


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