Specialized Bottles That Players Are Drinking From In Fifa World Cup 2014

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Specialized Bottles That Players Are Drinking From In Fifa World Cup 2014

The collaborative efforts have resulted in a high–tech oriented means of keeping the players hydrated. Every individual Gatorade bottle comes equipped with a disc that has a variety of sensors on it and Wi-Fi connectivity incorporated into its lid. The sensors are constantly monitoring how much water intake each player has and then transmits this data to the cloud.

This is from where coaches and trainers can pull out any player’s stats and keep a check on their hydration level. When a player’s hydration level drops, the water droplet icon will go red indicating that the player is not hydrated to the optimum level. Oh and everything is logged so that team coaches and trainers can monitor a player’s performance against hydration levels.

Gatorade really stepped up by carrying out a study for two years on the National Squad to come up with Gatorade concentrate that has been individually formulated for each player and is unique for each player depending on his body needs. The idea is to ensure that they can push themselves to limits safely for a full 90 minutes without losing body fluid and minerals. This concentrate attachment goes into the bottle from the bottom, followed by shaking of the bottle to mix it with the liquid. Thus, each player has his own customised drink to suit his requirements.

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