Spencer Robot Won’t Let You Miss Your Flight

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Spencer Robot

Missing a flight because of being lost in the airport is no fun thing to do. Now, European countries have been working on Spencer, a robot designed to put lost visitors back on track.

The EU-funded project, which is backed by Dutch carrier KLM and aiming to “break new ground for cognitive systems in populated environments,” will see Spencer rolled out for real-world testing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport next week, phys reported.

Solid-looking Spencer also sports a display on his torso offering passengers a range of airport information. Input your desired destination and, using mapping technology as well as an array of sensors and lasers, Spencer will happily lead the way.

Project is not finished yet, It is in trial stages for now.

Spencer can comfortably handle permanent obstacles such as pillars and seats, as well as fleeting objects such as people, he’s still having some difficulties with objects that remain in the same location for a brief period of time, such as luggage trolleys.

“People in motion are not that tricky,” explains project researcher Achim Lilienthal of Sweden’s Örebro University. “Objects that are temporarily permanent, so to speak, are the most difficult to work around. We do not know, for instance, how long that luggage trolley will be parked in a particular spot, which makes it harder for the robot to determine its own location. We are working on a general map representation that includes and allows the robot to handle temporarily permanent objects.”



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