Spherical Flying Drone is Something Out Of The Movies

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Spherical Flying Drone

3D enthusiasts and flying machine makers worked together to create a spherical flying drone that has been inspired by the movies.

Plans for the very unique drone have be published over on the Instructables website this week and provide a full list and all instructions to be able to create your very own.
The main drive of the spherical drone consists of a shrouded propeller system that has been custom designed and provides four exhaust ports, that was then 3D printed using ABS.

“We decided to go the way of a coaxial counter rotating rotors setup for our propulsion. This setup allows us to control the yaw of the aircraft by adjusting the differential rotation speed of the propellers. In order restrict the body of the airflow to the centre of the aircraft, we design a shrouded propeller system as the air intake.

At the bottom of the air intake, the airflow is split into four output ducts that direct airflow to the side of the sphere. The shape of the output ducts were shaped such that they conforms to the spherical geometry of a sphere.”



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