Spider-Man PS4 Guide: 10 Tips You Should Know Before Starting The Game

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Spider-Man PS4

When you first start Marvel’s Spider-Man, you’re likely going to be taken aback by the complexities of its combat and web-swinging. Developer Insomniac has done a fabulous job at making each system an exciting one that enables you to be imaginative while also showing yourself as a player. While web-swinging will surely be easier to pick up, you’re likely going to run into some issues properly doing the right fight moves during the right conditions in a fight. There’s a lot to the mechanics at work and it might catch you off guard, especially if you’re more accustomed to the rules of other superhero games.

Spider-Man is a much more agile and acrobatic character to play as than, say, Batman from the Arkham games. So, if you’re thrown off by that, don’t worry: we were too. But with enough practice, you can embrace and learn all the skills and abilities that Spider-Man has to offer and more.

To help equip you for the challenges coming towards you, we’ve gathered 10 tips you should know before starting Spider-Man. In this post, we describe the best practices in battle situations, the types of skills you should unlock first in the game’s skill tree, and other habits you should follow in order to come out successful.

Practice The Basics of Combat

Spider-Man releases on September 7 on PS4. The game’s first DLC expansion is set to launch on October 23.


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