SPLITGATE New Season is Coming!

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SplitGate is preparing to move its hit game into its next chapter of updates and reward systems. 1047 Games is giving players notice that they have until November 30th to end their Season 0 battle pass and that Season 1 will be beginning on December 1st. However, Season 1 will not come with the finished version of the game but will be a preseason refresh with all-new content and a battle pass as the team works toward the official 1.0 launch, it will be released in 2022.

They also revealed a new update for the game. This update contains a custom game option that allows players far more control over what kind of matches they want to play. This new feature also came with a facelift to the UI for selecting maps and game modes, making it easier to scroll through the present and saved game modes.

This new feature provides players the choice to define their own team traits, setting up the possibility for mixed asynchronous matches. For example, Team A could have supercharged health but be powerless to use portals and Team B could have far less health but have use of portals and deadly weaponry. This is the first step of many proposed updates in the custom games feature set for gamers. Watch the video below:

Details for what Season 1 will give players are said to be released soon.

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