Sports Betting: The Basic Features Every Mobile App Should Have

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Global statistics show that circa 59% of the world’s population has access to the Internet via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. And, the majority of these people access the Internet via a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Thus, it makes sense that industries across the globe, including the sports betting industry, offer their clients the option of downloading and installing a mobile app.

Therefore, let’s consider what features a mobile app should have to drive success and growth to the sportsbook. For, clients will only use the mobile app to place bets if it is usable. Conversely, if it is difficult to use, they will sign up with another sports betting company that has a user-friendly mobile app.


Native app versus web app

There are two primary smartphone and tablet ecosystems: Android and Apple (iOS). And, technically, all native apps need to be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The challenge with this “rule” is that neither Android nor Apple allows sports betting apps that promote betting that is not recreational and involves money.

Android allows users to download and install an apk file like the Tipico App from the sportsbook website. However, Apple does not allow the installation of apps from any other source other than the App Store.

Thus, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to use the mobile-ready version of the web app.


Usability and user-friendliness

One of the fundamental questions any mobile or web app must answer is how useable it is. In summary, if an app is clunky, slow, and challenging to use, the sportsbook who developed the app will lose clients. Thus, an app needs to follow usability and user-friendly best-practice methodologies.


Comprehensive statistics

A vital part of placing a successful wager is to study the numbers related to the match in question. This includes historical information on individual players’ performance, each team’s performance over time, and projected forecasts on how the teams or individuals are expected to perform in the upcoming match.

Thus, a user-friendly mobile app or mobile-ready web app must include these statistics in an easy-to-read format that is easily accessible.


Live score area

Sports betting pundits like to watch the match that they have just wagered on. Additionally, some sports events are not available for consumption on TV or online streaming. Thus, it becomes vital for a sportsbook to add a live scoring area so that sports bettors can watch the action unfold.

Secondly, if the bookmaker offers live betting or in-game betting, then providing an area where bettors can watch the real-time scoring becomes essential. And, a sportsbook that offers this feature on its mobile app and web app will go a long way towards attracting clients.


Favorites bar 

This is typically a bar found at the top (or bottom) of a mobile app. It is similar to the bookmarks bar located at the top of a web browser like Google Chrome. This bar’s purpose is to allow bettors to bookmark specific matches, games, and events so that they are easily accessible for future betting opportunities.

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