Spy Strategy Sim BEHOLDER 3 Nominated For The German Developer Award

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Developer Paintbucket Games was nominated for the German Developer Award 2022 for “Best Game Beyond Entertainment” as well as “Best Story” for their game Beholder 3.

The German-Austrian publisher Toplitz Productions has also secured rights to console ports and will be publishing the title to consoles soon!

Beholder 3 asks if you are the perfect spy, and puts those skills to the test as you must work for or against a corrupt system. A totalitarian state that controls everyone in it through oppressive laws and surveillance, as well as corrupt and dangerous intimidation to stay in power. Players will take the role of Frank Schwarz, a husband, and father who just lost his cushy government job after someone set him up. The only way to save himself from jail time is to make a deal with a security officer, working as a government spy and posing as a landlord. Your missions will see you breaking into tenants’ apartments, searching them for contraband, and eliminating anyone who you are told must go.

As this goes, you will also have to scheme against your own coworkers and superiors to work your way back into the good graces of the higher-ups and the various factions secretly vying for control of the country. Can you get your old life back, or something better? Will you do as you are commanded or fight for change and truth?

You can find all that out and more in Beholder 3, out now on PC via Steam and coming to consoles soon.

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