SQUAD Update 4.0, Adds People’s Liberation Army

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SQUAD Update 4.0

Offworld Industries has unleashed their latest update for Squad, Update 4.0: Red Star Rising. This update adds the Chinese army, the People’s Liberation Army, along with vehicles and armaments special to their faction. In addition, new menu music and Simplified Chinese localization have been added.

After an acclaimed Early Access period, Squad launched version 1.0 in 2020 and has seen even more updates since. Amphibious warfare, new factions, and a number of armaments have been added since release, and it looks like Offworld is keeping up the pressure for their flagship realism fighter. Take part in 50vs50 battles with tense war and a larger scale that emphasizes coordination, tactics, and teamwork. With a total of 10 factions, 23 large maps, vehicles for combined ops gameplay, and player-constructed bases Squad is an extreme game, and definitely satisfying for those who can follow orders or give them.

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