Squanch Games Revealed Their Fun New Game HIGH ON LIFE

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Squanch Games, which you may remember from the PSVR game TROVER SAVES THE UNIVERSE, has announced the awesome new sci-fi first-person shooter. The new game called High On Life is beaming with originality and the humor Justin Roiland has used to make a name for himself within work such as Rick and Morty and Polar Opposites, tv shows he co-created. High On Life will feature talking alien guns, each with its own distinctive personality and unique dialogue. This game is the studio’s most prominent title so far.

Gamers will play as a high school graduate taking the role of an alien bounty hunter. Earth has been invaded by aliens that want to enslave humanity and use them to make a new drug to catch an intergalactic buzz. Players will be able to interact with a bunch of NPCs. You can work with and help them, or deal with them in a much more aggressive way. Gamers will be able to manage upgrades for their guns as well as other upgrades. with a ton of replayability. They’ve put lots of dialogue, choices, and actions that affect the story so numerous playthroughs might be worth it.

Part of the gaming experience will be traveling to all types of different and insane planets. There will be a planet deep inside an asteroid and a combination of other dynamic and transforming worlds. Players will have to deal with strange and vicious wildlife on some of these planets. The game is rated M for Mature, so this looks cute but it is not for kids.

High On Life will be released later this year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam

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