Square Enix Releases Deus Ex Go

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We recently discussed the new trailer for Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, which looks pretty spectacular all things considered. But while Mankind Divided is already looking like one of the most exciting releases of the season, developer Square Enix isn’t stopping with the console version. Once again, they’ve managed to produce a very interesting mobile accompaniment that fans of the series will want to take a look at.

To backtrack a little bit, this actually isn’t anything new for Square Enix. Not so long ago they did the same thing with their Hitman franchise. That, however, didn’t seem particularly remarkable given that Hitman has spawned spinoffs and experiments in different formats for years. This site even has a Hitman title featured in a full lineup of online slot games that are based on video game franchises, television, films, and other forms of inspiration. While its typical casino arcade game at its core, it ropes in themes and mini-games of assassination to capture the spirit of the larger franchise. Additionally, there have been a couple of limited, sniper-specific games released under the Hitman banner, on both mobile systems and consoles.

Hitman Go was different, in that it was more or less a puzzle game based loosely on the series. In this review its noted you still control Agent 47, but do so in a turn-based, almost board game-like grid in which your goal is to sneak up on targets without stepping directly in front of any of them and being detected. It lacks the action of the console games, but it’s a little bit of a brainteaser and somehow it feels just like a Hitman game.

Square Enix did something very similar to Hitman Go with the release of Lara Croft Go, which more or less accompanied Rise Of The Tomb Raider on consoles. This game also placed the lead character in a series of grids for turn-based strategic progression, though the look and feel of it all is very different from Hitman Go. Naturally, things were more in tune with the scenery and themes typical of Tomb Raider, and one can actually argue that the levels are a little bit more complex. There’s a vague similarity at times to Monument Valley, which was widely viewed as a brilliant, progressive puzzler.

Now here we are with another major Square Enix release on our hands, and yet again there’s a “Go” accompaniment. Deus Ex Go follows in the spirit of its predecessors, but is arguably both the most beautiful and the most complex game in this developing mobile series. You control Adam Jensen as you navigate an array of puzzles, all with an overarching story and a satisfying focus on traditional elements of the franchise. This time around, you’re not just avoiding opponents and infiltrating areas, but also using Adam’s augmentations and hacking abilities to make your way through levels. At $4.99 it’s not cheap for a mobile game, but it’s a very satisfying title, whether you’re a fan of the larger series or you simply like a good puzzle game.


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