SquareOne Cool New Digital Board Game Console

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Digital Board Game Console

Check out this cool new SquareOne board game console which is quite a unique gaming system that enables you to play a mixture of games using digital technology and smart counters with the all-new depth and immersion to your beloved games. The campaign has already raised over $200,000 with 300 backers.

Digital Board Game Console

Backer early bird pledges are now available from roughly $594 or £448, offering a substantial discount of approximately 000% off the final retail price, while the crowdfunding campaign is still on the go. If the SquareOne Kickstarter campaign is prosperous and the project progresses successfully, worldwide shipping will start sometime around the Launch date. Check out the video below:

“SquareOne is a gaming console that melds traditional board games and video games combining the best of what physical and digital gaming has to offer. The gameplay experience is both interactive and immersive providing you with a platform to have all your board games in one console.”

“The “SquareOne Standard Edition” is indeed delivered with a 10 games pack included. And if you choose the “SquareOne Dice Edition”, that’s 5 more included games. These game packs allow you to discover the SquareOne®, its stunning features, its different game modes and above all else its promises of a renewed game combining physical and digital experience … while having fun like never before. SquareOne will bring together your children, parents, friends, and those around you from day one.”

For a full list of all the available games on the board game console and more details on games coming in the future which will soon be arriving on the console check out the official project page for more details.


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