Squid Game Creepy Guard Home Security Camera

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Squid Game Home Security Camera

Jaeyeon Nam, Cheon Ryong Choi, and Soonook Kwon made this amazing design concept for a creepy and eerie combination home security camera/webcam in the unique pink clothing and grill-covered mask of an anonymous guard from the hit TV show Squid Game. The trio was inspired by a scene in which the characters were being watched by closed-caption television.

They also took some inspiration from the Red Light/Green Light doll as well.

This character re-implemented the worker character in the Korean drama ‘Squid Game’ as a 3D character, and was inspired by the scene where participants were monitored while watching CCTV in the play. We designed the character by putting two products, a home security camera and a webcam.

The camera also features motion detection along a 180-degree track.

It detects motion and sound to move the camera and has a motion tracking function. The rotating lens is positioned so that the character’s eyes can see its surroundings 180 degrees, providing complete security. This allows for a wider field of view than standard home security cameras.

These are some intensely creepy security cameras, and I do not want to be watched by any one of them.

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