Stadia and GeForce Will Be Available To New 2021 LG TVs

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LG introduced a new range of TVs by announcing that their 2021 lines of OLED, QNED, and NanoCell TVs will natively support Google Stadia and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. Stadia will be available when the TVs come out in the second half of the year while GeForce Now will come later, to the new TVs.

These are the new gaming services that enable you to stream games from the cloud. This enables you to play games on high settings using the company’s servers so you don’t need an expensive and powerful PC. You can play using something as minimal as a Chromebook. These services are still very new to the gamers but appear to be getting some ground and getting into the television market is sure to help get some audience.

According to The Verge, the new 2021 LG TV models will have a “Game Optimizer” section in the settings to let you fiddle items like refresh rate and input lag, and more.


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