Standoff 2 – Taking First Person Shooter to the Next Level

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Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is not exactly a sequel. It can be said to be more like a backoff game of the original “Standoff”, more like a first-person version of it. The first person gameplay along with other aspects make it a lot exceptional than other dynamic first-person shooters. Let’s take a deep dive into the following article to explore the various aspects of the game.

Resource Utilization

The game is about 152mb in size after installed on your Android device. Unlike other high-end first-person shooters, the game does not use much RAM and can be seamlessly played across low-end Android devices. In case you feel like the game is consuming too much RAM or other resources you may want to play Standoff 2 on PC using an Android emulator. However, you need to keep in mind the network configuration, since, in low network connectivity like all multiplayer games, some serious lags will occur which will lead you to lose the game.

How is the Gameplay?

The game can be played in 2 ways –

  • Single Player – Where you play against AI opponents and shoot your way towards victory.
  • Multiplayer – Here you play against real-time players participating in the multiplayer mode via another server.

A wide range of weapons is offered to the player which includes the all-time favorite Desert Eagle pistol as well as the AK-47 Assault rifle.

Standoff 2

The gameplay is just like Counter-Strike. You get to pick a character from either counter-terrorists or terrorists teams. The team which survives till the end wins. You can also win the game by either planting a bomb or defusing a bomb. The controls are easy and with very little playtime, you will get familiarized with the gameplay type.

There is also a feature where you can vote for the next map once a game ends. Some weapon-related bugs were there but those have been fixed.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are really nice with realistic character models, fewer pixelations, and textures that are not too blurry. If you like blood and gore in action games, you will love how realistic the blood splatter effect is once you shoot an enemy.

Just like the graphics, the sound is of great quality. Audio is normal as expected, and special sound effects are played keeping in sync with the gameplay. Especially the voice when a player dies is brilliantly designed. The soundtrack is not that vast but whatever is there, its sufficient for a player to get the complete feel of the game. The only negative point is, the voice acting is moderate and sounds a bit stiff at certain times. Apart from that, the rest deserves a thumbs up.

What Users Are Saying?

Well, since they introduced first-person shooting, the game has already started becoming a trend just like Counter-Strike. People have been expecting a mobile game like Counter-Strike since long and Standoff 2 game them just what they needed.

The game has over 5 million downloads in play store to date, you can check out here and the reviews are all positive. If you ask about my personal opinion, I would say, I have never seen any other game that offers such dynamic gameplay, nice graphics consuming such low storage and physical memory.


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