Star Trek Borg Cube Keychain Flashlight, May The Light Be With You

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Star Trek Borg Cube Keychain Flashlight

For all the smart asses out there, I know the line is from Star Wars and not from Star Trek, So chill and the ones who have no idea what i’m talking about, Look cool key chain!

The force will always be with you when you’ve got this Star Wars Borg cube on your keychain. Not that the Borg are any good, but you gotta admit their space ship (aka the Borg cube) looks pretty neat.

This miniature replica more than just a decorative accessory though, as it lights up your path with the push of a button. The light is green, as you’d expect from the cube, and while it’s small, it’ll definitely help you find you way out of the dark. At least, it’ll help you out way more than a Borg would.


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