STAR TREK-Themed 100 Piece Engineering Field Kit

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STAR TREK-Themed 100 Piece Engineering Field Kit

Check out this awesome 100-piece Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed engineering field kit! It comes with a wire cutter, pry knife, bit holder, prolong bar, utility knife, ruler, prybars, electrostatic ring, SIM card tools, anti-static cloth, tweezers, spudgers, cable ties, screwdriver bits, and a lot more, you can buy on from here for $90.

No Tech Problem Too Large: Be prepared for your next Starfleet mission with the Star Trek Engineering Field Kit Tool Set. These handy gadgets will help you through whatever challenges the universe brings your way.

Be Prepared Anywhere: Measuring approximately 15 x 9 x 6 inches (closed), this 100-piece tool set can handle a variety of tasks. Open the field kit case for quick access to Starfleet-issued hand tools and gadgets. The kit comes in a case that looks like a field kit prop from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Complete everyday tasks with ease while feeling like part of the crew.


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