STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Open Beta Release Date Announced

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be available on October 6th, free of charge. EA shares more details on the game’s open beta and what will be available to players below:

You’ll be able to experience some of the best of Star Wars Battlefront II across iconic planets and into the far reaches of space. Get set to dive into Naboo: Theed in Galactic Assault. Join Republic clone troopers and Separatist battle droids in a wild melee on the streets surrounding the royal palace, where you’ll take control of some of your favorite heroes.

“But that’s only part of the story. Also included is a multiplayer Starfighter Assault battle (with more details to be revealed at Gamescom), giving you the ability to pilot a variety of the most memorable starfighters from Star Wars™. Keep your eyes open for even more surprises as the beta approaches.”


The beta will come to a close on October 9th but if you pre-order the game you’ll be able to jump into the beta earlier than the rest on October 4th. The beta will only feature multiplayer content, so those waiting for campaign action will need to wait until the game’s release November 17th to play that.

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