Star Wars Battlefront Details Revealed

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Star Wars Battlefront Details Revealed

EA revealed more details about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game that is currently in development by DICE who have had unrestricted access to the Star Wars vault thanks to their close partnership with Lucasfilm.

Star Wars Battlefront Details Revealed

The Star Wars Battlefront video game will launch later this year on November 17th, 2015 ahead of the new Star Wars movie also due out later this year and takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi, the movie will hit movie theaters on the 18th December 2015.

“The team at DICE Stockholm began collaborating and ideating on the endless possibilities of environments that could exist in the Star Wars™ universe.  Anton Grandert, Concept Artist at DICE, developed the initial look through various sketches. “We wanted to create a planet on our own, first trying out different ideas and then deciding on a lava planet,” said Grandert.  

To build a dynamic and exciting world for our players, the team at DICE then visited the Lucasfilm archives for further research. We wanted to build on the existing lore that the planet Sullust had an Imperial presence. And this idea proved to become a major influence in the design of the planet for the game. We studied the Death Star’s architecture and material to inspire ways in which we could incorporate the structures, almost as if the same architect who designed the Death Star left their mark on the structures that stand across the surface of Sullust in Star Wars Battlefront. “

Visit the official EA site for more details o the new Star Wars Battlefront game development process by DICE. Check out the first trailer that was released last month below :



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