Star Wars Battlefront Final Expansion ‘Rogue One: Scarif’ Announced

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Rogue One: Scarif

Electronic Arts and DICE announced the final expansion ‘Rogue One: Scarif’ for Star Wars: Battlefront at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

Rogue One: Scarif will be released close the film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is out December 16.

The expansion allows us to play as Jyn Erso and Dir. Orson Krennic, it continues the battle with heroes from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and explores a new planet from the upcoming film.

Additionally, the developer will release the new Skirmish mode, it “offer players the ability to play across two of Star Wars: Battlefront‘s most popular modes on a difficulty level of your choosing.

While offline, you can take to the battlefront in Walker Assault, or to the skies in Fighter Squadron. With multiple locations that span the Star Wars universe, Skirmish brings a new way to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront and there is even an option for coop split screen. (Console only)

Along with Skirmish, Jabba returns with another Hutt Contract for players to unlock. The Stinger Pistol is the first charged Star Card that is an actual weapon that can be freely fired during the card’s active time.”

Skirmish will be available on July 21.


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