Star Wars Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter Desk Lamps

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter Desk Lamps

Check out this couple of amazing home or office desk lamps for all you Star Wars fans out there. The Tie Fighter lamp is ready to purchase at merchoid, and the Millennium Falcon at odditymall, and either would be a great addition to any home or workplace. They all come with a ten-foot cord and adjustable and poseable for your convenience.

The Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Lamp is the perfect way to geek up any desk or bedroom, and will ensure to every guest you have knows that you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan. The unique and geeky desk lamp is designed after the best known craft in the rebels fleet.


Fighting for the dark side whether at home or in the office, this superbly designed TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp is the ally you need to get the job done. A brilliant desk top lamp in the design of a classic Star Wars TIE Fighter, the iconic spaceship can be positioned and posed over your work area to shine light down exactly where you need it.


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