Starcraft 2 Guide For Beginners

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Starcraft II 

Starcraft 2 is one of the most intimidating games to start playing, but it does not mean it is not worth to try, as the harder the game is the more accomplished you feel once you achieve something in it. The common mistake of new players, that try Starcraft 2, is that they try to understand everything that is going on in the game at once and they get overwhelmed by the amount of information. For starters, you need just the basics. This guide will help you to understand just what – the basics and the core mechanics of the game. To get news, guides and other information regarding Starcraft 2, I would also recommend visiting team liquid’s website, as it is a great source of information for anyone interested in the game.

Game Modes

The game is split into two main categories, campaign and multiplayer. This guide will focus on the multiplayer side of the game, as that is what people need help mostly with and because finishing campaign is not that hard even without prior RTS experience, however, I would recommend finishing campaign before jumping into multiplayer, as it is really well done and fun, also it helps to understand the basics of each of the three races and in what ways those races are unique. There are 3 separate campaigns for each of the race. Finishing all of them might also help to choose the race for your multiplayer battles.

Starcraft 2

Choose Your Race

Each of the races is not only defined by their looks, but also by their strengths, weaknesses, and fitting playstyles. These are your possible choices:

Terran is the human race that uses spacesuits and powerful infantry units such as siege tanks. It is a positional race with good potential of aggressiveness at multiple locations at once. Perfecting the unit control part of the game might be the most challenging when playing this race.

Zerg is an insect-like alien race that produces in mass and causes chaos on the battlefield. At the same time, it is the most reactive race in the game, depending a lot on scouting what is your opponent doing and crushing them by countering it. Balancing between building the right amount of combat units and workers is the main challenge when playing this race.

Protoss is an ancient technology-based(it has lasers!) race with psionic abilities. Protoss units have many different spells and abilities, but their units also cost more resources. Those abilities allow Protoss to manipulate the battlefield and trick their opponents. The biggest challenge playing Protoss might be to come up with new ways of tricking or surprising your opponent every time you play.

Macro And Micro

There are two main gameplay components of the game – micro and macro-management.

Micromanagement is controlling your units. It is everything from moving your units to the right position to using their spells and abilities and using more advanced micro tricks, but don’t worry too much about it for now as a macro is more important, especially for the beginners.

Macro is the economy part of the game that allows you to build more buildings and units. Executing basic build order is part of the macro too. After you learn how to consistently build workers and place buildings, you should get an idea of the basic build order that you want to go with for your game. This website has a good source to build orders for you to choose from.

Basic Tips For Beginners

Once the game starts, no matter which race you chose, you start with your main base and 12 workers. What you want to do first is build workers consistently from your main base at all times, which will allow for your economy to grow, which means more resources over time, which means more resources to spend on army and infrastructure, which means bigger and more powerful armies. Also do not forget to build supply buildings at all times, if you get supplied blocked you will not be able to build any more units until you increase your supply limit, and that slows down your economy by quite some. Another very important thing to know is that spending your resources and not banking them up is crucial. Having resources in your bank will not help you much once there is a gigantic army pushing to your base appears, so it is better to spend your resources as fast as possible with an exception of when you reach the maximum supply limit of 200/200 and cannot build units any longer.

So pick a build order, apply these basic tips and you are set to go! For more video game guides, tips, and strategies you can visit the ever-expanding games edition website.

To download sc2 and start playing click here. It is completely free as of November 14, 2017!


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