Stardock and Ironclad Games Announce SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE II

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Stardock and Ironclad Games announced Sins of a Solar Empire II! The sequel will combine real-time strategy with 4X gameplay like its predecessor. This allows for huge and immersive space battles and diplomacy. Fans of the first game will identify that Sins of a Solar Empire II will explore the war between Vasari, TEC, and Advent but each race will have “unique game mechanics, new and reimagined units, extensive research trees, and advanced sub-factions.” The real-time mechanics in the game mean that you have to keep track of the orbits of planets and moons, ship positions, and more.

Brian Clair of Stardock said:

We’ve enjoyed battling it out with our friends over at Ironclad Games, engaging in massive fleet battles during development. The new ways of interacting with each other and the neutral parties have created some incredible ‘I can’t BELIEVE that just happened!’ moments. Teaming up with Ironclad on this long-awaited sequel is yielding great results.

Sins of a Solar Empire II will use Iron Engine 3 for a number of improvements. These include maintaining stunning graphics and smooth frame rates even with thousands of units wandering the galaxy. It also aims to address items more seamlessly to get into multiplayer games and enhance mods. Clair shared:

The mod community has been integral to the success and longevity of Sins of a Solar Empire. There’s a new in-game mod library that we think they’ll be very pleased with, along with a host of other new features we’re excited to talk about in the future.

Blair Fraser of Ironclad Games shared:

We really appreciate the long-term support from all our fans. They’ve been asking for years if they will ever see a successor – we can finally answer with a resounding ‘YES!’

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