Starfield Devs Confirm Xbox Users Get Mod Support

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Bethesda’s Pete Hines has thrilled gamers with the announcement that modding support won’t be exclusive to PC players in the highly anticipated Starfield. Xbox users will also get the chance to dive into the world of user-generated content, a revelation that has ignited excitement among fans.

As the countdown to Starfield’s review embargo lift continues, Bethesda’s handling of early review copies has stirred some controversy. Reports suggest that they held back game codes from certain outlets, leading to speculation about the game’s quality. Amidst this anticipation, new details about Starfield are surfacing, including information about a substantial day one patch and the debut of the first fan-made mod. Notably, the inaugural mod revolves around adult content, prompting various reactions from the gaming community. Some concerns have arisen regarding the game’s open-world boundaries, but overall, the hype surrounding Starfield remains palpable, especially following the confirmation of Xbox mod support.

Todd Howard had previously tantalized gamers by describing Starfield as a “modder’s paradise,” hinting at the expansive creative possibilities awaiting players. Pete Hines further elaborated on this promise in a recent interview, shedding light on the prospect of modding entire planets. Now, in another development, Hines has shared that mod support will extend to Xbox post-launch.

During an interview with Vandal, Hines stated, “There will be mods after launch. We haven’t said when, but there definitely will be, as we always have, on PC, and you’ll be able to use mods on both PC and Xbox.” This announcement undoubtedly brings joy to the hearts of Xbox enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the chance to enhance their Starfield experience.

While details on the specifics of Xbox mod support remain scant, the confirmation itself is cause for excitement. The prospect of what the modding community might create for Starfield is both thrilling and perhaps slightly daunting. It’s only a matter of time before unconventional characters like Shrek find their way into the game, a testament to the boundless creativity of modders. The countdown to Starfield’s release and the subsequent influx of player-created content promises to be an exciting journey for gamers of all platforms.

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