Starfield Fan Worked Out the Entire Skill Tree

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Starfield Skill Tree

In the world of dedicated Starfield fans, one individual, known as asd8dhd on Reddit, has undertaken an extraordinary task in an effort to uncover the highly anticipated RPG’s skill tree. Utilizing over 200 hours of gameplay clips, trailers, and developer commentary, this passionate fan has meticulously pieced together what they believe to be the entire skill tree for the upcoming Bethesda game.

Drawing from various elements of the game, such as gameplay snippets and developer insights, asd8dhd has managed to identify and list each individual skill present in the game. For instance, the “Equilibrium” skill, upgradable twice, was discovered through zero gravity gameplay and a developer’s mention of different weapon effects in such environments. Another skill named “Martial Arts” was revealed through gameplay showcasing hand-to-hand combat engagements.


The fan’s efforts didn’t stop there. They took the time to cross-reference their findings, ensuring the skills seen in the background of other gameplay or in partial skill tree previews from Bethesda matched their conclusions. Additionally, the developer’s own demonstrations of certain skills provided clear evidence for asd8dhd’s deductions.

The online community didn’t disappoint, offering feedback that allowed the skill tree detective to refine their original discoveries. The collaboration between this fan and other enthusiasts has been a testament to the power of collective knowledge and passion.

As Starfield’s launch date looms just two months away, the excitement among fans continues to build. With the possibility of further delays always present in the gaming industry, there’s a sense of urgency for asd8dhd to continue their work on deciphering the skill tree while balancing other projects they may be involved in.

All in all, asd8dhd’s commitment to uncovering Starfield’s skill tree showcases the dedication and enthusiasm that fans can have for their favorite games. As the release date approaches, the Starfield community eagerly awaits the game’s launch, eager to delve into the vast universe that Bethesda has crafted.

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