Starfield Player Shares Important Tip About Star Colors

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In the vast and mysterious universe of Starfield, there’s a multitude of details that Bethesda hasn’t fully disclosed or adequately explained, leaving fans to explore and uncover the game’s secrets on their own. However, one dedicated fan has taken it upon themselves to shed some light on the meaning of different star colors when navigating the game’s map. Following in the footsteps of Bethesda’s other sprawling RPGs such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, Starfield is a massive game brimming with intricate mechanics and features, offering players a rich and immersive experience.

One topic that has sparked considerable discussion among Starfield enthusiasts is the level of immersion the game provides. Some players have praised the ability to create their own characters and ships, while others have marveled at the attention to detail in the form of Vasco, the robot companion, who can address players by their chosen names rather than resorting to generic titles like “Captain” or other placeholders. However, one aspect of Starfield that seems to have left fans divided is the Star Map, which many have criticized as overly vague and unhelpful due to its lack of essential information.

But fear not, as one resourceful player on the Starfield subreddit has set out to alleviate at least some of the confusion by sharing a helpful tip for deciphering the significance of various star colors on the map. This revelation came to light when a user known as raging_pastafarian reached level 34 and made an intriguing discovery: stars that appear to glow with a halo indicate locations that have been previously visited. On the other hand, stars that lack the glowing effect or a halo are unvisited, but they can be jumped to when you’re within range. If you encounter a red star devoid of any glow, it means you can’t jump to it until you’ve jumped to another nearby star first.

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To make things even clearer for fellow players, raging_pastafarian thoughtfully included a visual map for reference, which garnered appreciation from the Starfield community. As often happens in such discussions, other users chimed in with their own helpful tips and discoveries. For instance, one user named senna98 revealed that simply holding the start button on a controller instantly brings up the Starfield map, while holding up on the d-pad provides a ship module with all available power. TigerTora, another user, contributed a substantial list of discoveries that sparked numerous comments and discussions.

While the community debates the level of immersion in Starfield, some players have encountered surprising and comical instances of the game breaking immersion. During conversations with NPC characters, it’s not uncommon for random characters to unexpectedly photobomb the frame, or for a glitch to cause an NPC to sink into a wall mid-sentence, among other amusing and unexpected occurrences.

For those eager to embark on their own interstellar adventures, Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S, offering a vast and captivating universe waiting to be explored.

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