STARFIELD Tips and Tricks For Beginners

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Embarking on an adventure in the aurally and visually stunning world of Starfield can be daunting for many players, especially those new to RPG gaming. The game’s vast universe and intricate mechanics may feel overwhelming at first. However, fear not, for with the right set of Starfield Tips and Tricks, you can swiftly transform from a novice to a seasoned pro gamer faster than you might expect.

Let’s kick things off with the Starfield Starting Tips, designed to give you that initial boost needed to acquaint yourself with the complexities of the game. Firstly, invest ample time in understanding the navigation and control mechanisms to avoid stumbling blocks later on. Mastering the controls will grant you a sense of confidence and fluidity as you traverse the cosmic landscapes. Moreover, resist the temptation to rush into the game’s main quests immediately. Instead, take the time to immerse yourself in the rich narrative, explore intriguing characters, and familiarize yourself with the in-game equipment early on. This will set a solid foundation for your journey in the Starfield universe.


Moving on to the Starfield Beginner Tips, here’s where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your environment and how to thrive within it. One essential aspect is engaging in conversations with NPCs (non-playable characters). These interactions can yield valuable insights about the game’s lore, as well as potentially lead to discovering hidden resources or side quests that enrich your experience. Additionally, keep an eye out for the helpful tutorials that pop up intermittently. These tutorials are thoughtfully designed to enhance your understanding of the game’s mechanics, such as how to handle various weapons, pilot spaceships, and boost character enhancements.

For a significant upswing in your gameplay, let’s explore some Starfield Tips and Tricks. One crucial insight is to grasp the importance of the inventory system. Efficiently managing your inventory plays a vital role in surviving and thriving in the vastness of the Starfield universe. Keeping your resources well-organized and readily accessible can save valuable time during intense moments. Additionally, prioritize upgrading your character by accruing experience points (XP). The more XP you gain, the stronger your character becomes, enabling you to take on increasingly challenging foes and missions.

As you delve deeper into Starfield, planning your missions beforehand can prove to be a game-changing strategy. Taking the time to set clear goals and contemplating your approach to combat can shift the odds in your favor. While it may seem tedious initially, this strategic approach will pay off handsomely as you progress through the game, making the difference between success and failure.

Lastly, remember that these Tips for Starfield are meant to enhance your gameplay and elevate your experience in the cosmic playground. While aiming to triumph is commendable, don’t forget to relish the immersive journey the game offers. Starfield is designed to be more than just a series of victories; it’s an invitation to explore diverse narrative arcs and savor the wonders of the cosmos at your own pace.

So, let these tips be your guiding light as you embark on your thrilling adventure in the boundless universe of Starfield. Embrace the challenges, learn from your experiences, and revel in the joy of discovery, for the cosmos awaits your exploration, and every moment is a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. May your journey through Starfield be truly unforgettable!


As the highly anticipated release date for Starfield approaches, it is crucial to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared for a smooth gaming experience. Here are some essential steps to follow:

  1. Check Your Order Status: Take a moment to verify that your Starfield pre-order details are accurate. Confirm your delivery information, especially if you have recently moved to avoid any potential hiccups in receiving your copy.
  2. Update Payment Information: If your pre-order wasn’t charged upfront, ensure that your payment information is correct. As the release date draws nearer, companies will begin charging for pre-orders, and you wouldn’t want any issues with your payment.
  3. Special Attention for Constellation Edition Pre-orders: For those who pre-ordered the elusive Starfield Constellation edition, exercise extra caution. This collector’s bundle is in high demand and limited availability, and we’ve received reports of Walmart canceling some Constellation edition pre-orders. Double-check everything to secure your copy for an early September delivery.
  4. Track Constellation Edition Stock: If you’ve been hunting for the Constellation edition and haven’t secured one yet, keep an eye on stock updates. Retailers may offer additional bundles as they receive cancellations or find more stock in their warehouses. Utilize our guide to help you monitor its availability.
  5. Pre-Load Starfield: Opt for a digital copy of Starfield if you’re eager to dive into the game immediately upon release. Pre-loading the game files ahead of time ensures you’ll be ready to play without enduring long download times on release day.
  6. Consider External Storage: Bear in mind that Starfield requires a substantial amount of space on your platform’s storage. If you’re running low on internal storage, it might be wise to invest in an external hard drive or SSD. For PC gamers, using an SSD is mandatory to play the game.
  7. Check Your PC’s Compatibility: If you plan to play Starfield on a Windows PC, verify that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum and recommended PC requirements provided by Bethesda. Websites and fellow gamers on platforms like Reddit can be valuable resources to assess your PC’s capability.
  8. Explore the Premium Upgrade: If you initially purchased the standard edition but desire the bonuses from the Premium edition, retailers offer a Premium upgrade for an additional $34.99. However, please note that physical bonuses are exclusive to the physical version of the upgrade.
  9. Stay Alert for Deals: While deals for Starfield have been relatively scarce leading up to the release, be vigilant for sporadic discounts and special offers. Shop around and monitor sites like Slickdeals to find the best deals before making your purchase.
  10. Prepare for Bugs: While Bethesda claims to have minimized bugs in Starfield, it’s essential to remember that no game is entirely bug-free, especially at launch. Be proactive and bookmark useful resources such as Bethesda’s support site, the Starfield Reddit, and the Steam forums for possible bug fixes and performance solutions.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your interstellar adventure in Starfield when it finally arrives. Enjoy your journey across the cosmos!

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