Starfield Will Let You Do Drugs and Have Sex

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We have only scratched the surface of Starfield, the highly anticipated game developed by Bethesda. While the details are scarce, we do know that Microsoft and Xbox are eagerly banking on its success following the disappointing launch of Redfall. Starfield’s premise revolves around the enigmatic combination of stars and fields, but beyond that, much remains shrouded in mystery. However, a recent ESRB description sheds some light on certain aspects of the game, albeit in a rather unconventional manner.

According to the ESRB summary, players will assume the role of a miner entrusted with the task of uncovering Artifacts scattered throughout the galaxy. These Artifacts play a pivotal role in the game’s storyline, yet their nature, purpose, and significance remain undisclosed, leaving players in eager anticipation.

In addition to the core premise, the description outlines a range of typical activities one can expect in a space opera RPG. From wielding an assortment of weapons such as guns, lasers, bombs, and surprisingly, even axes, to engaging in various adventures and quests, Starfield promises a classic science fiction experience.

However, it is the mention of illicit activities that adds a distinct flavor to the game. Starfield introduces a fictional drug named aurora, which players can steal, sell, consume, and even manufacture. The ESRB description vividly alludes to a sequence reminiscent of the hit TV series Breaking Bad, where players can operate within an illicit drug lab. The presence of such activities adds an intriguing layer to the gameplay experience, appealing to those seeking a more gritty and morally ambiguous journey.

Amidst the drug-related content, the ESRB description also highlights explicit references to sexual encounters. Players can expect dialogue containing phrases like “seeing stars” in the context of post-coital conversation, along with playful remarks such as “let’s try it without the jetpacks” that suggest a blend of intimacy and technology. Furthermore, one line, seemingly poetic in nature, likens life to a sexually transmitted disease with a fatal outcome, evoking a mix of introspection and amusement.

As the grand showcase of Starfield approaches on June 11th, fans are eagerly awaiting more comprehensive details about the game. With its scheduled release date set for September 6th, expectations are high among the gaming community. The lingering question remains: will the promised jetpack sex actually be a feature within the game? Fans, like yourself, will surely be left disappointed if this tantalizing prospect fails to materialize in the final product.

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