Starfield’s Innovative Milk Carton-Led Physics Experiments Outshine Skyrim’s Cabbage Avalanches

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Starfield‘s latest foray into physics testing is making even Skyrim‘s famous cabbage avalanches seem like child’s play. Bethesda‘s highly anticipated space-based RPG, Starfield, has been generating buzz for its colossal scale, and the physics engine behind it is emerging as a true marvel.

In a recent demonstration, YouTube user Dennios showcased the game’s physics prowess by spawning a staggering 10,000 milk cartons high above the sprawling cityscape of New Atlantis. The result is nothing short of mesmerizing, as each carton behaves independently, tumbling and cascading down one of the city’s towering buildings with uncanny realism.

While unleashing vast numbers of everyday objects from great heights isn’t entirely new to Bethesda’s gaming community (Skyrim fans will remember their penchant for creating cascades of cabbages and cheese wheels), the sheer volume of objects in Starfield and their incredibly lifelike interactions with the environment set a new standard.

A Reddit user from the Starfield subreddit marveled at the performance, stating, “I am surprised it runs this well. I spawned 10,000 Milk Cartons at once, it loaded in just one second. Doing this in Oblivion and Skyrim takes a few moments. The physics stuff is running amazing. Thumbs up for the devs, who did it!”

Meanwhile, another intrepid Starfield player, @Fallout_Collect, decided to experiment with sandwiches. They stacked an impressive 10,000 of the game’s appetizing-looking sandwiches on top of their ship and then took to the skies over New Atlantis. As they rained sandwiches down upon the city, they provided both a spectacular display and an unexpected free lunch for the citizens.

In essence, Starfield’s physics engine is taking gaming realism to new heights, leaving players in awe of its incredible capabilities and setting the stage for a truly immersive gaming experience.

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