Starpath – Glowing Roads and Pathways

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Starpath - Glowing Roads and Pathways

Pro-Teq, a UK company, has developed an alternative to the conventional lighting method. The company has developed a coating that absorbs UV light during the day and releases it at night. The coat can be sprayed onto the pavement and is also water-proof, meaning it is durable enough to last through any weather. When the coating does begin to fade, it can easily be replenished by spraying on again.

The coating is currently being tested at Christ’s Pieces, a park located in Cambridge UK. According to Pro-Teq the coating only took 30 minutes to apply over the area of 150 square meters and was ready to use four hours later. This technology can prove to be a practical and feasible alternative to the street lights we have grown accustomed to. The pavement, once treated with the coating, not only illuminates itself but emits light allowing visibility. The coating adjusts the amount of light emitted according to the surrounding light conditions. The coating, called Starpath, has anti-slip properties that prevent collisions and the surface is non-reflective as well. Starpath is available in 11 different colors and works best on concrete and tarmac surfaces.

The coating is cheap to apply and maintain and glows with the appropriate intensity according to the available natural light. There are a few drawbacks to the technology, which include the unavailability of UV light for the coating to absorb on cloudy days and lack of visibility in areas where snow accumulates on streets. Despite these drawbacks, Starpath is still a very practical alternative to power-consuming street lights.

This is so cool to have! Imagine glowing pathways and roads and it’s even available in 11 colors so think of the art people can create with it, Which comes to life in pitch darkness, love to see more real-life photos of Starpath.


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