How to Start Blogging: Advice to Aspiring Bloggers

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Have you even dreamed of creating a personal blog and turning it into an additional/main source of income? If you have just started blogging, you might be asking yourself many “how” and “why.”

Lucy Adams, a blogger from buzzessay, gladly shares 5 excellent tips on how to build a successful blogging career.

#1 Personality

Blogging loves personalities. Hidden face is definitely not what you need. Instead, be open-hearted and tell people about yourself, your worldview, plans for future, etc.

Secretiveness is now out of fashion. Upload family photos, shoot videos, record interviews. Make a statement “I’m doing this, and I’m extremely good at it.”

You shouldn’t be afraid of your popularity – on the contrary, that should be your first and foremost goal. Once you become a leader of opinion and a chief specialist on certain issues, people will start asking you questions.

Personality is what makes you different from the thousands of other bloggers. Writing a lot of high-quality material on a specific topic doesn’t guarantee you popularity until these posts are faceless. Add something special – authoritative opinion, personal study, an interview with one of your loyal readers, etc. It is unlikely you will be able to beat Wikipedia and niche leaders by posting pure informational content.

Your blog should become a link between you and the other people on the Internet. It is your business card based on your personality, not a set of letters.

#2 Design and Usability

You have created a blog for readers, right? Then try to put all efforts to make people enjoy being on your blog. Come up with your logo, slogan, color palette and everything else that can help you to stand out from the crowd. If you have a standard template, make it unique by adding some chips, changing color and shape, in-building plug-ins. Modify the design until you get close to the ideal.

Look at the websites of top bloggers – they are all stylish and have nothing superfluous. Remove ad units and teasers – after a while, if you are engaged in blogging seriously, you will learn how to advertise correctly, not imposing ads to users.

#3 Communication

As we said above, nothing will happen just like that. So please don’t wait people come to your blog just because you upload on it interesting materials. You need to first go to the sites of other, more popular bloggers, choose the most discussed topics, and put their essential information (comments, tips that were no highlighted in the post, some inconsistencies that you noticed, etc.).

Debate on hot topics, express your view if it doesn’t coincide with the position of the crowd. Communicate, acquire new friends and social connects. Make a statement about your personality on the Internet.

Sign up on social networks and communicate there, too. Don’t leave short comments – instead, try to disclose issues to the fullest details to state that you’re an expert in the niche. This way you will catch some like-minded readers.

Here are some guidelines for commenting on other blogs:

  • Do not waste your time on irrelevant topics. If you have nothing to say, better keep silence. Don’t let people think you’re dimwitted.
  • Use friendships with other bloggers to communicate with them for getting mutual benefits.
  • If you have a deep knowledge of the subject or an opinion about an article, then write a big comment of a dozen of lines in length. However, don’t leave a few long comments to one and the same article because most people find it too boring to read a few long comments in a row. If you’ve noticed that somebody left a substantial comment right on the target, think twice whether you’re able to add something conceptual.
  • If you want to attract more attention, argue a bit in comments, provoking readers into an emotional response like a troll. At the same time, active discussion is always a waste of time and emotion, so be careful.
  • Never ask people for visiting your blog! If you’re begging like “Please, visit my website,” you’re out of the game! Better wait until you have something to share (some useful article or advice).

#4 Generation of New Ideas

You always have to write something new to surprise your readers. For example, tell an interesting story, raise some topic of the day or start a marathon on studying macramé. If you are constantly writing on one and the same narrow topic, most readers will get bored soon.  Instead, add some insights, write about your mistakes – all these are a good experience for others. Add something fresh – humor, polls, lists, finally, just music.

If you can’t come up with new ideas, take a break. Relax, listen to your favorite music, take a walk or exercise. It really helps.

#4 Content

Write a lot, write regularly, write heartily. At first, you may have some problems, but with time, you’ll increase your writing efficiency and gain other important qualities for blogging.

Try to benefit people, solve their problems, answer questions, write instructions on the use of anything, consider issues, put into question established ideas. Write for people, not Google. Often, aspiring bloggers write in a single style. I believe that’s a mistake! Alternate experiments and traffic posts, news and articles, etc.

Constantly think about how to attract a new audience and not to lose former readers. Remember that the reading audience is a capricious lady, and if she doesn’t like something, she will turn away first, last and all the time!

#5 Self-Criticism

Ask friends or acquaintances to assess your materials. If you get criticized, that’s pretty good! Actually, that means you’ve got a free audit of your blog. Listen and check, maybe they’re right.

Check the next points:

  • the ideology of the blog (whether all the statements fit into the original concept or not?);
  • the quality of the articles (how can you improve the quality of materials?);
  • usability (do your readers feel comfortable when navigating your blog?);
  • technical part (loading sped, buttons operation, etc.).

I wish you all the best in your blogging career!


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