Stary The World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

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Stary Boards has this week launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 to help take their new Stary electric skateboard into production.

The development team behind the innovative electric skateboard say that the Stary is the world’s lightest electric skateboard weighing just 8.6lbs.

The electric skateboard is capable of propelling riders up to 18.6 mph and is capable of going 10 miles on a single charge. Watch the video below to learn more about the inspiration and unique design characteristics of the Stary skateboard. Stary Boards explain more about the uniquely designed wheels that incorporate the motor system.

As a result of much trying and of repeated substitutions we finally developed the most powerful and smallest wheel.Even more we improved the tire skin to make it simpler to replace with a new one.
A good skateboard needs not only high speed, but also excellent grade ability.

Instead of short-lived and clumsy belts, we designed planetary gearing with a smaller size and higher reduction ratio, completely hidden inside of the wheel. Its pure torsional reaction exhibits excellent transmission efficiency. Efficiency loss is kept stable on only 3% per stage.



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