Steelrising New Gameplay Video, Steampunk Meets Elden Ring

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Greedfall developer Spiders has revealed the cool new footage of its upcoming action-RPG Steelrising, which takes place in an alternate universe of the French revolution. This five-minute gameplay features a little bit of everything, all packed up in a package that looks like it was inspired by Elden Ring.

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While the gameplay looks somewhat familiar, the setting relies heavily on a climactic moment of French history viewed through a steampunk lens. The design includes lots of mechanical parts, a finely-crafted world to investigate, and at least one boss battle against a small doll that is piloting a much bigger and more deadly automaton.

“The Revolution has been suppressed with bloodshed by Louis XVI and his merciless mechanical army,” the video’s description reads. “It falls to Aegis, an engineering marvel, to take on the king’s ranks of automatons and change the course of history. The City of Light has been plunged into darkness and needs you. Use your energy, flexibility, and tools to navigate the streets, rooftops, neighborhoods, and castles of Paris and reveal hidden secrets.”

As Aegis, you’ll get the arsenal of weapons that include deadly steel fans, a shield musket, claws, and a French wig from that time period. Each weapon comes packed with all sorts of cool stats, and some of the gameplay shows Aegis applying burn and electrical effects to foes while using this deadly gear.

Steelrising will come out on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on September 8.


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