Still Struggling for Right Marketing Strategy? SEO vs SEM: Select the best!

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Are you still confused between SEO and SEM? If you are still wondering which one to choose, to rank your site at the #1 position, don’t worry!

We got you all covered!

For a layman, understanding the difference between the two might be complex!

So, in simple terms, SEO helps you to gain stable viewership and consistent SERP ranking at no cost.

Whereas SEM gives you the benefit of quick viewers within no time, you have to pay for it. SEM is the summation of SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click).

While you search for purchasing a new shoe over Google, a host of links appear. While the first few links appear with a mark of being advertised, there are other links that appear below them.

The ones with the mark of ‘Ad’ can be called advertised links, using SEM. The links that are present without the label of ‘Ad’ are the links that have used SEO for ranking.


Understanding SEO in-depth

SEO is dependent on numerous factors. There are 4 types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO: It deals with how the website is optimized. It deals with the proper usage of the keywords, thus making the website relevant to the user.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO mostly deals with backlinks. If you are thinking that having the best content can drive in the page viewers, you are not right! Having strong backlinks from high DP-PA websites is always helpful.
  • Technical SEO: It is mostly concerned with the page architecture. If your website is having the right navigation bar, with a proper sitemap, making it easy for the crawler to scroll through, your website will rank higher. Technical SEO is one of the most important aspects of SEO.
  • Interaction with the users: Are you still wondering about the high page views with low SERP ranking? Did you check the bounce rate of the website? Often, bounce rates refer to the irrelevance of the content. Users leave the site without any interaction, which affects the SERP rankings too.


Understanding SEM in-dept:

There are numerous factors that drive the SEM as well. For instance, bidding on the right keyword ensures that you have a higher chance to be noticed.

Often, the better the keyword search history, the higher is the bidding price. Moreover, having catchy content is always a key.

With a better Ad Copy, you stand a higher chance of improving the CTR. Improved CTR score signifies the higher quality of the website, thus ranking even higher.

As we can see, the differences are pretty clear. But, is there anything else that we are missing out on?

Are you confused, when will be the right time to use a particular strategy?

Let us dig deeper and try to understand the right strategy.


Understanding when to use SEO and SEM

Use SEO only if you wish to not spend a single penny or create the advertisements. If you are having enough time or you have started your business lately and are suffering from a cash crunch, it is time to focus on SEO.

The advantage with SEO is that it gives a constant and loyal audience, once the audience base is built up. So, if you are looking for a loyal fan base, SEO is the path to follow.

SEM works best when you are having heavy cash to spend on marketing. On the downside, the moment you stop spending on marketing, your visitors will vanish!

With the clear differentiation between SEM and SEM. and a concise look on applicability, we encourage you to select the best strategy forward!

Just a tip: Use both the strategies in combination. SEM will help you to reach your audience quickly and SEO will increase organic visitor slowly but it will be a steady progress. Before investing in these techniques, it’s better to consult with a reputed agency like Shout Digital. As they are expert in both these fields and already handled hundreds of clients, they will suggest you the best strategy for your business.


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