Stonemaier Games Announces RED RISING Board Game

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Stonemaier Games revealed a new game which is called Red Rising. The game is based on the book series by Pierce Brown which is about a dystopian society that has been broken into 14 castes. In Red Rising, 1-6 players will serve different houses trying to climb to power and get some followers. The game is designed by Alexander Schmidt and Jamey Stegmaier and features art by Miles Bensky, Jacqui Davis, and Justin Wong.

Red Rising is a hand-management, combo-building game for 1-6 players (45-60 minute playing time). You start with a hand of 5 cards, and on your turn you will deploy 1 of those cards to a location on the board, activating that location’s benefit. You will then gain the top card from another location (face up) or the deck (face down), adding it to your hand as you enhance your end-game point total.

You can sign up for the newsletter and for each email received by February 16, Stonemaier Games has promised to donate $1 to the ACLU. In the coming months we will get more details about this game and with pre-orders going live in March we can’t wait to know more about the game.


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