Story Books And Circuits Blocks Combined To Have Some Circuit Fun

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Story Books And Circuits Blocks Combined To Have Some Circuit Fun

Now, this is something new, Fun with Circuits is a new concept that combines children’s storybooks with electronics to provide a learning experience for 6-10 years olds. This is a brilliant idea to combine with the books.

The idea behind the new Fun with Circuits kits is to create a toy that makes electronic circuits fun, simple, and accessible to children.

“Through the adventures of Ohm & Ampere, a brother-sister duo, Fun with Circuits aims to make learning a fun and joyous ride for 6-10 yr olds. Kids self-learn, experiment, and fuel their curiosity by applying what they learn to build new circuits.

In this age, when STEM education and experiential learning is positively stressed upon, let us introduce our kids to electronic circuits early on. Most of the children today start playing with gadgets/devices as toddlers BUT how many of them understand even as middle schoolers how those devices work?

There are several electronic/science kits in the market BUT how many of them help younger kids understand the concepts without any external help? How many parents have the background and time to sit with their children and help them through these concepts? The interest dies before it is born.”



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