STRANGER THINGS Retro Cassette Player

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STRANGER THINGS Retro Cassette Player

Stranger Things fourth season is coming out soon, which released its first trailer recently. Which didn’t reveal much except for a creepy new storyline in a haunted house.

Walmart has announced that they are releasing a limited-edition Stranger Things branded Crosley Audio Cassette Player. Not only does it look grand, but you can listen to music the way we 80s kids did before the age of CDs. The product exclusively for fans is an included cassette that unveils new content from season 4.

The Walmart Exclusive Crosley cassette player bundle comes with a tape that comes with a secret voicemail left by a “mysterious figure” from season 4. The neon blue player is completely operational, with a tape deck, AM/FM radio, tape recording, and Bluetooth functionality, if you want to hear something digital on it. The bundle also comes with 8 vinyl stickers based on the show, which includes a “Friends Don’t Lie” sticker in the Stranger Things font, a Starcourt Malls sticker, and Dustin’s hat.

You can pre-order the cassette player on the Walmart website now for $64.88. It is supposed to go on sale Friday, November 19, 2021.

via: /Film

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