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Stranger Things

Stranger Things 3: The Game will follow the same storyline as the Season 3 of Stranger Things. ** The Game released on July 4th, 2019 in connection with Stranger Things 3 TV series. Some tips from TJ Huckabee, Designer at BonusXP might help you last a minute longer and accomplish those jobs you are having problems with.

Huckabee has taken to the official PlayStation blog to explain five ways to stay protected in Stranger Things Season 3: The Game. Hawkins is packed with challenges to overcome and secrets to accumulate and all 12 playable characters have two individual attacks and come with upgradeable special effects and strong synergies.

With three distinct difficulties available Story, Normal, and Master, players of all skill levels can have fun with the game and survive in the most mysterious place to live in 1980s America.

“In Stranger Things 3: The Game, players control two characters at once. It’s easy to swap characters on the fly, and you’ll want to do just that to take down the enemies standing between you and your summer vacation. By combining special abilities, you can pull off powerful combination attacks. For solo players, that means commanding your buddy to activate their special ability when the time is right. For co-op players, it means yelling at your friend on the other side of the couch to use their special. Here are two of my favorite combinations.”

“You’ll find crafting stations in several places around Hawkins, usually at stores or near landmarks like Dustin’s house. There are dozens of trinkets available to craft with all the components you find in the world or buy at the different stores.” – “You’ll find that the Stranger Things crew have a variety of different attack styles at their disposal.” – “When you’re up against a tough enemy, there’s no better combination than Medkits and Coca-Cola.” – “The AI Buddy is useful, especially for its special abilities, but nothing beats tearing through Hawkins with a friend at your side. Human-controlled characters deal more damage and make coordinating buddy combos easier.”

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