Strategy-RPG CRUSADER KINGS 3 Has New DLC Coming in February

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Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 3 will be getting the “Royal Court” expansion on February 8th, 2022 for all platforms. It was revealed in May of last year, Crusader Kings 3 fans are enthusiastic about the upcoming addition!

Crusader Kings 3 is a dynasty-building, kingdom-management game with many role-playing elements. You play as a lowly count with a singular castle, all the way up to an emperor with the land around the Mediterranean. You battle, scheme, and schmooze your way to power and wealth, as well as guarantee that the generations to follow will get something worthy. In reality, the game isn’t about one character. It’s about how your dynasty will grow through the ages. The map consists of many diverse cultures and thousands of characters, so it won’t be the same every time you play.

This new expansion adds some regality to the whole affair by creating a Throne Room where you can observe the characters of your court and listen to the problems of your subordinates. Managing the court involves decisions on what clothes, food, and servants are in the budget, as well as what language your court meetings will be held in. All of this translates to new events, new gameplay opportunities, and new ways to view the 3D characters that Paradox Interactive has put in the already fantastic upgrade from Crusader Kings 2.

“Royal Court” also adds in more ways to customize individual characters, this includes new artifacts. Artifacts are items of power that you can equip your current character with to increase stats, give more resources like Prestige or Piety, or even prepping new events and potentially lead your character down a different path. While we can only guess all the gameplay possibilities this new DLC will hold.


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