Strategy Tips to Win an eSport Tournament

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No matter how much we may think that we are experts in DotA 2 or Counter Strike GO, there may come a time when you’ll have to raise the white flag and say “I need some help in here!” You may have entered a tournament with your friends or your workmates, but one thing is certain. Regardless of who you were playing with, who would ever say no if the big prize was, for example, five tickets to the ESL Finals in Frankfurt.

This is why some tips, however basic they may be, can bring you one step closer to the prize pool. As gathered from previous winners, here are some things that brought them their glory.

  1. Practice Continuously With Your Team

Practice makes perfect even in the world of gaming. However, in this case, you may want to play Team/Party Ranked Captains mode to find out how such a competition goes like. Even if you do not play all the time (we are aware that sometimes you have work to do), it will still help you understand the basics of a tournament.

  1. Determine Your Roles

Chaos in a tournament never helped anyone, so you should always figure out the role of each participant before diving into the game. Decide who is on the offensive and who’s on the defensive. The sooner everyone knows exactly what it is they’re supposed to do, the closer you will be to winning the tournament.

  1. Stick With One Playstyle

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for Deathball 4, split push, tri-core or 4 protect one. Play with the one that is more comfortable to you. At most, you may go for two styles depending on the strength of the lanes, but don’t try to play too much with the fire; you’ll end up getting burned.

  1. Set the Hero Pool

Don’t go into a tournament having no experience with a hero. You’ll only end up being like “Oooh, what does this button do?” and before you know it, you lose. Ask your teammates who are the heroes that they are most confident in playing.  Get someone with some drafting experience to act as team captain.

It’s recommended that you and your teammates stick to heroes that you trust in using for every circumstance that may arise.

Some General Tips

Sometimes, your offlaner will prove to be weaker than you wanted it. In that case, you may want to draft a 2-1-2, and no longer feel restricted to the tri-lanes.

You should also tell your teammates to buy wards before they expire and always carry some TPs. These will be of great help in a pinch. You may also want to decide on what starting items you’ll need before the ending of the draft; it will save you a lot of hassle.

Some gambling may also bring you better chances of winning a good prize, so if you’re confident in a particular team, you may look for esports betting and odds online at gg. With the right strategy, anyone can win the grand prize.


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