Street Fighter 5 PS4/PC Opening Cinematic

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Street Fighter 5

Capcom has unveiled the opening cinematic for its upcoming fighting game, Street Fighter 5. The video was shown after the grand final at Capcom Cup event which took place at the PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco earlier today.

Street Fighter announcements is also made over the weekend, including Street Fighter. The character is second-in-command at M. Bison’s organisation Shadaloo and utilises a variety of attacks laced with poison (the substance, not the Street Fighter character). Fang’s V-Skill is called Nishodoku. When executed he throws a slow moving projectile filled with poison. On contact, it slowly deals damage. His V-Trigger, Dokunomu, creates a poisonous cloud around his body that deals damage to the opponent when they are close to him. Fang will be available at launch.

Street Fighter V is being developed for PS4 and PC. The game will feature cross-platform play and is scheduled to release on February 16 for North America and Europe.


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