STREET FIGHTER 6 Announces New Character And Commentator

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Street Fighter 6

The reveal of Street Fighter 6 has fans hyped that the latest entry will carry on the legacy of the game in a positive light. With a tight lip on roster unveiled and gameplay features, it seems like Capcom is drip-feeding info to keep fans on their toes. Two new characters have been revealed at Evo 2022 along with commentators.

Kimberly is the latest ninja to join the Street Fighter roster, blending her ninja skills and passion for 80’s pop culture into her fighting style. Kimberly’s moves seem very fast and bring a brilliant colorful pallet to the mix. She executes spray paint, walkman cassette players, and stylized specials that are all clearly influenced by 80’s retro culture.

Juri is the second fighter announced at the panel, returning from Street Fighter V. She looks to be bringing back her familiar moveset with some alterations for experienced players. Along with these two new character reveals come the addition of Tasty Steve and James Chen as the latest rel-time commentators in Street Fighter 6. 

Street Fighter 6 is in development and is planned for a release sometime in 2023.

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