Stunning And Cool Genesis Neon 750 RGB Gaming Headset

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Genesis Neon 750 RGB Gaming Headset

Check out the all-new Genesis Neon 750 RGB gaming headset is outfitted with 50 mm transducers and it will be available to buy in a few day’s time and it will cost you €55 or $66. The headset is packed with a 4-pole plug, which can be divided into two 3-pin ones with the use of the added adapter, and power is given via a USB cable and a braided cord that is 2.5 m in length. The newest gaming headset from Genesis also comes with RGB illumination with the Prismo effect and the arm and the earmuffs of the headset have been created to move horizontally for added comfort and are outfitted with premium leather.

“You can use it to switch between illumination settings, change the volume or mute the circular microphone. In the case of the Genesis Neon 750 RGB gaming headset, it can be detached. Thanks to this solution you can detach the microphone arm so that it’s not in the way when you don’t have to use it. The set connects with the PC via a mini-jack 3.5 mm cable. The designers made sure that high-quality sound conveys all the details that are important to players. The set also includes RGB Prismo illumination. Owners can use it to give the headset an individual style and better express themselves. The set can be configured by a remote controller. Thanks to an elegant braid, the cables are elastic and at the same time resistant to mechanical damage.”

“Neon 750 RGB gaming headset is enhanced with a detachable Omni-circular microphone that will make your callers hear exactly what you want to tell them canceling the noises from your surroundings. In addition, the supplied pouch will allow you to conveniently transport the headphones and take them with you to school, work, city, or on the road.”

Source: Genesis

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