Stunning Batwing Desk Light Fit For Your Batcave

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Batwing Desk Light

If you got a Batcave and you need a desk lamp, look no further, This amazing Batwing posable desk light is brilliant. This version of the batwing is inspired by the one from Tim Burton’s Batman movie.

Looking for a sleek and stylish lighting feature to brighten up your bat cave/man cave/woman cave (delete as appropriate)? Or are you just after a subtle way to show you co-workers you’re a vigilante crime-fighter on the evenings and weekends?

Standing at an imposing 60cm tall and powered by USB, the Batwing Posable Desk Light is the perfect lamp for your bedside or work space. And with its posable arm you can easily shine the light where you need it most – like right in the face of the person you’re interrogating – “WHERE ARE THEY! WHERE’S DENT! WHERE IS SHE!!?”

This iconic desk lamp is made using Breakdown Plastic – an organic additive (probably invented by Bruce Wayne) that helps plastic decompose when it finally ends up in landfill, without affecting its structural integrity or the recyclability of the product.

You can buy one for $49.99 from here.



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