Most Stunning Levitating Light is on Kickstarter Now

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Levitating Light

Base Forge is on Kickstarter right now with this new campaign for their levitating light. The levitating lamp is available to back with pledges starting from €120 they will start shipping this gorgeous light on February 2017.

LIGHTEST is controlled via a radio remote which allows you to turn it on or off, change the intensity of the light and change the colour of the light to set the ambient mood. The base even comes with an embedded battery (included in all pledges) so you can disconnect the power cable and take Lightest wherever you like for any event.  The battery lasts for up to 6 hours at full brightness.

LIGHTEST is handmade with love and attention.  The base is made from recycled wood and we use premium parts in the circuitry to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. If you enjoy the idea of floating your own sculptures, trophies or displays, you can even buy the entry level Maker Kit which comes with only a magnet to hover above the base, on which you can place anything weighing up to 450grams.

If you want to back this project click here to pledge.


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