Stunning Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

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Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

A vintage typewriter-inspired Bluetooth mechanical keyboard to beautify your desktop! Features include:

    • Qwerkywriter connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacPros, Macbooks, Android Tablets Devices, Windows Tablets, and more.
    • Qwerkywriter features industrial strength mechanical switches that provide a unique clicky tactile feel.
    • Qwerkywriter’s Return Bar functions as an ENTER key by default. But it’s also programmable, remembering up to 5 characters. Simply hold FN+Return Bar to record up to 5 characters.
    • Qwerkywriter’s Patent-Pending keycaps features typewriter inspired keycaps. With its concave surface and touch-type support, it’s equally ergonomic and beautiful.
    • The Qwerkywriter is housed entirely in an aluminum-metal alloy for that luxurious blend of the past and future.
    • The Qwerkywriter features a built-in stand that can accommodate tablets up to 10 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. iPads, Samsung devices, Surface 3, and more are all supported.

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Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard


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